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T-Mobile for Education

Unconventional ABM Leads to Unexpected Results 🤯

In our partnership with T-Mobile for Education, our focal point was not merely innovation but capturing the attention of key executive leadership across major educational institutions.

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Augmented Reality and a Personalized Spy Story Helped Perform[cb] Cross-sell to Customers Previously Unreachable

To convert their Agency partners to Network members, they would need something special. More than an email. An experience that would captivate their attention and involve them in the process.

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ABM Direct Mail campaign with augmented reality.

"We were able to break through the digital noise of the most common outreach including email and social by developing an experiential marketing campaign that allowed the target client to engage physically and emotionally with our brand. We received feedback from several recipients that this was the most exciting, unique, and engaging campaign that they had seen in some time.”

–Ami DeWille, VP of Marketing for Perform[cb]


StormSensor led with a high impact story-driven B2B direct mail campaign and finished with $10 million in capital.

StormSensor needed to capture the attention of municipal decision-makers, but had minimal brand awareness. We helped them build an engaging, highly personalized campaign that got them noticed.

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Case Study: How StormSensor led with a high impact story-driven B2B direct mail campaign and finished with $10 million in capital.

"You all were able to effectively deploy a campaign across 150 cities that produced not only great results but added a tremendous amount of cities to our pipeline. The greatest singular benefit was the level of brand awareness it provided for us coupled with interested potential customers.”

–Elyssia OmniEssence, Marketing Lead


Helping BillingTree captured the attention of key decision makers and earned over 700% ROI.

For BillingTree booking meetings with high value targets was impossible. So they turned to UviaUs to build an ABM campaign that helped them book meetings without exhausting their sales team.

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One Inc

Crafting a highly personalized gifting strategy to break through to top executives & decision makers.

One Inc found engaging directly with decision makers difficult. So we develop a program utilizing a highly personalized video-based outreach experience to bypass gatekeepers and get directly to the people in charge.

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Mac N'Cheetos

Breaking into the foodie community to generate buzz for Frito-Lay’s newest snack.

The audience we needed to reach wouldn’t typically be running to the freezer aisle to try the newest frozen meal. So our team worked to create something that would be so impossible to ignore that it would overwhelm any biases.

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Lexia Learning

Going up against the largest corporation in publishing to convert leads & capture a share of $2,000,000,000 in public funds.

Lexia faced the challenge of a significantly smaller marketing budget and sales team than their competitors, so the UviaUs team built them a Texas-sized solution that lead to millions in new business.

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Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Working with one of the world’s top brands to make its B2B marketing more human.

Verizon needs no introduction, but being the biggest comes with its own set of challenges.  Check out a few of the ways that UviaUs has helped various teams under the Verizon brand umbrella to stand out from the crowd and advance their business goals.

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Video mailer for B2B marketing campaign. Verizon background image

“We knew right from the get-go, we’d never done something like this before, and it was going to differentiate us in the marketplace.”

–Karin Aviles, Creative Director - Verizon Business Markets

Southwest Airlines

How one remarkable experience connected 175 strangers and created over 400,000 brand impressions.

Southwest believes that every seat comes with a story. UviaUs teamed up with AMP Agency to create a mile-high awareness campaign to support their #175stories initiative.

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UviaUs PB&J Outreach Campaign

How we used peanut butter and jelly to capture the hearts (and minds) of our perfect partners.

When it comes to outreach, we like to think we know a thing or two, but we’re never too old to learn, which is why we regularly test out new approaches with our own outreach campaigns.

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