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Opt-In and Address Confirmation
Personalized Mailer and AR Video
Offer Redemption and Conversion
Branded and Themed Gifting

Where does this fit into your outreach mix?

We get it, your marketing stack is full with tactics and activations. This strategy could fit with what you’re currently doing or improve an outreach strategy already in play.

Cold Prospecting

Cold Prospecting

Convert Warm Leads

Convert Warm Leads

Upsell or Cross Sell

Upsell or Cross Sell
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“This was the most exciting, unique, and engaging campaign our targets had seen.”

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engagement rate
conversion rate

Using this play as a cross-sell and upsell to current partners, PerformCB cut through the noise of digital marketing and experienced a whopping engagement and conversion from their target list.

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What’s included in this style of campaign?


Opt-in and Address Confirmation 📫

Before we send anything of value, we confirm that each recipient has a valid address where they are comfortable receiving a package from your campaign. We can use a digital opt-in process to ensure validity, or we can send to a verified list without any additional opt-in.

With this initial communication, we tease out the theme of the campaign: “Your Secret Mission”.

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Email Scripts
Green checkmark
Graphic Assets
Green checkmark
Address Verification Landing Page
iPhone screen with email that reads: We've got secret mission for you! Will you accept? This is your mission... [Your Logo Goes Here]
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second stage - the experience

Personalized Mailer and AR Video 📦

To break through the clutter, we send a locked brief case (or something similar) that creates a moment of impact for your brand and moves the prospect to engage.

Using Augmented Reality and leveraging existing video content, our prospect consumes a video experience that explains our offer in detail, and how they can gain access to the personalized case by accepting their “Mission”!

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Dimensional Mailer
Green checkmark
Augmented Reality Video Experience
Green checkmark
Clear Call-To-Action
Briefcase with a video message on it, and text that reads: accept your mission
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third STAGE - THE conversion

Offer Redemption and Conversion ✅

By tapping the clear call-to-action in the Augmented Reality experience, our prospect is led to a personalized landing page experience where they can accept their “Mission” (the offer), and gain access to the locked case before them.

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Personalized Offer Redemption Landing Page
iPhone screen with webpage that reads: John, your mission starts now. We are so happy you accepted. Your mission case unlock code is below. Our team will reach out shortly to begin your setup process. [Your Logo Goes Here]
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fourth stage - the payoff

Themed and Branded Gifting 🎁

Once inside the case, we can equip our prospect on their “Mission” with branded gifts that further reinforce your campaign message and value proposition.

Additionally, we use this opportunity to further educate our prospect and prepare them for the follow-up communication coming from your sales team.

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Gifting Guidance and Best Practice
Green checkmark
Sales Team Follow Up Guidance
Themed and Branded Gifting

Individual-level 👤 Analytics

Campaigns don’t mean much if you can’t track and attribute where your revenue is coming from. We’ve developed a special sauce of “individual-level” analytics that allow you to track every prospect through every piece of your campaign.

Precise Delivery and Shipping Tracking
QR code icon
Personalized QR Codes
cube with dotted outline
Personalized AR Experiences
Near Real-time Account Owner Notifications
All this is combined into an “individual-level” report updated to the minute for your team to view.
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