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With this educational FOUR-STAGE direct mail campaign approach you can engage decision-makers and hold their attention for what seems like forever in this digital-first world.

Opt-In and Address Confirmation
Dimensional Mailer and Digital Experience
Achievement and Conversion
Digital/Email Nurture Sequence

Where does this fit into your marketing mix?

This strategy could help level up your digital campaign efforts in a number of areas. Here's some of the key areas where we've found it to be helpful.

Impactful Awareness

Impactful Awareness

Educate Warm Leads

Educate Warm Leads

Upsell or Cross Sell

Upsell or Cross Sell
If you need help understanding where this could fit into your particular mix of marketing, we'd be happy to chat.

“I don’t know how anyone receiving this wouldn’t engage and respond.”

– Tyler Lessard, Marketing Executive, Vidyard

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number of tracked
engagement touchpoints

Our “Expedition Kit” has over 30 points of engagement leveraging email, SMS, Augmented Reality content experience with video and 3D animation, and web landing pages (meeting booking and gift redemption). All of this is tracked at the individual level for a true 1:1 experience.

Want to see exactly how well an integrated direct mail campaign like this can work for you?

What’s included in this type of campaign?


Opt-in and Address Confirmation 📫

Before we send anything of value, we confirm that each recipient has a valid address where they are comfortable receiving a package from your campaign. We can use a digital opt-in process to ensure validity, or we can send to a verified list without any additional opt-in.

With this initial communication, we tease out the gamified experience that will be arriving in the next stage.

The standard play typically includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Email Scripts
Green checkmark
Graphic Assets
Green checkmark
Address Verification Landing Page
iPhone screen with email that reads: Only 10% of all players can answer all 5 questions. Think you can open all four doors?
Go to Stage 2
second stage - the experience

Dimensional Direct Mailer  📦

To really leave a remarkable impression, we send a dimensional mailer that recipients want to explore.

In this example, recipients are prompted to “open doors” and solve mysteries based on existing content. In the process they engage on a deeper level while learning about your value proposition or current product offering.

As they unlock successive achievements, and the dopamine hits their brain, they are presented with a final offer that they can’t help but convert on.

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Dimensional Mailer with QR Codes
Green checkmark
Landing Page Sequence (4)
Green checkmark
Clear Calls-To-Action
Personalized Mailer Experience - iPhone screen that reads: John, you've unlocked the second door. Congratulations! Now, on to the third door. Open the experience on your desk, and scan the QR code to begin the third question. Want something next-level? Use Augmented Reality instead of landing pages to up the engagement by a factor of wow.
Go to Stage 3
third STAGE - THE conversion

Achievement and Conversion ✅

We create an incentive or achievement as the payoff. In this example, by solving all the mysteries and unlocking all the doors, the recipient qualifies for a redemption code that provides massive value to them, and at the same time they are moved to further the conversation with your team.

Armed with the knowledge they’ve picked up through the experience, they are ready to put your value proposition to work in their business.

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Personalized Offer Redemption Landing Page
Green checkmark
Gifting Guidance and Best Practice
iPhone screen that reads: John, you've unlocked the final door. You're in the top 10% of all viewers. Inside your box you will find a card that activates when you input the redemption code below. [Your Logo Goes Here]
Go to Stage 4
fourth stage - the nurture

Digital Email Nurture Sequence 📥

As your prospect explores the dimensional direct mail package sent, they might get stuck in their engagement journey.

Here’s where we pick up the trail.

Using our “individual” level analytics, we calculate the time between interactions with our experience and we send emails that help them through the process and give them an opportunity to reach out for help, or your sales team to intervene and save the day.

The standard play includes the following at this stage:

Green checkmark
Email Nurture Cadence Guidance
Green checkmark
Email Scripts
Green checkmark
Graphic Assets
Green checkmark
Sales Team Follow Up Guidance
iPhone screen with email that reads: Was the third door too difficult to open? Door three is a tough one. Can we help?

Individual-level 👤 Analytics

Campaigns don’t mean much if you can’t track and attribute where your revenue is coming from. We’ve developed a special sauce of “individual-level” analytics that allow you to track every prospect through every piece of your campaign.

Precise Delivery and Shippment Tracking
QR code icon
Personalized QR Codes
cube with dotted outline
Personalized AR Experiences
Near Real-time Account Owner Notifications
All this is combined into an “individual-level” report updated to the minute for your team to view.

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