Top 5 Tips for Successful Video Marketing.

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In the current competitive market, every business needs to develop a clear and crisp marketing strategy to attract the attention of their target audience. The role of content and video plays a significant role in leveraging your communication strategy.

More than ever, companies have started realizing the importance and effectiveness of visual content marketing. In our fast-paced world, businesses are expected to deliver relevant and impactful messaging most concisely.

Here are some statistics to put it into perspective.

Another study conducted by CMO Council highlights that 69% of the companies have already incorporated visual content marketing in their marketing strategy and 31% are planning to use videos for branding their products. It also shows that almost 80% of the respondents were more interested in watching visual content or an advertisement rather than reading from the same brand. The simple reason for visual content gaining more popularity is because people can easily consume and remember what they see and hear compared to what they read. Using the right combination of content and imagery also delivers the message in a more effective and meaningful way.

Marketers find visual content, such as video, more useful for multiple activities like brand awareness, brand building, lead generation, customer engagement, and user FAQs. With different video publishing platforms and delivery methods, businesses can target their audience using the channels their recipients use. Additionally, just like other forms of content marketing, videos are also measurable to evaluate their value and effectiveness.

You likely get the point, video matters. Yet to make a video or any visual communication effective for your brand, it involves thinking strategically & approaching it creatively.

If you’re interested in building on this approach, the following are 5 tips to doing video marketing right, helping you develop the right video content to drive the right results:

Video Marketing Tip 1

Identify the Purpose of Your Video and Stick With It

As discussed earlier, videos can be created for different aspects of digital marketing including customer education, brand awareness, lead generation, and product introduction. It’s important to ensure that your idea is clear and communicate only that! Resist the urge to use multiple ideas and objectives within a single video. Albert Einstein stated this in principle when he said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler”.

Video Marketing Tip 2

Quality Over Quantity

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With the increased prevalence of video, customers are more attracted to high-quality content that is relevant and valuable. We have an expression at UviaUs that “poor marketing is worse than no marketing”. So whatever you do, do it well. It’s better to deliver something of value, than put out poor video marketing content.

At the same time, it is important to ensure that your video is short and concise so that you don’t lose their attention. While there are a lot of considerations to take into account when deciding on the length of the video, such as the context, client, content, and channel, we have the following general recommendation. Keep your videos under two minutes. Wistia did a great post on the effectiveness of video engagement that supports this notion. Again, there are various other considerations at play that may mean keeping your videos well under two minutes too.

As for frequency, it’s important not to be a “one-hit wonder” but to launch a video campaign which allows you to engage regularly with your audience. A minimum goal would be one video per month and gradually scale from there!

Video Marketing Tip 3

“It’s Not the Video, It’s the Place”

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When you have planned to use video as your marketing strategy, one of the key considerations before creating any video assets should be, where will I place the video content? A properly planned strategy considers placement based on the intended audience before creating the content.

Each channel has unique audiences and different format requirements, which allows you to get creative and leverage each medium in the best way. For instance, if you want to target a younger demographic you may choose to leverage Snapchat or Tik Tok and create vertically-oriented content that lends itself to the mobile experience.

A recent study by Moz shows that posts with videos receive nearly 300% more inbound links, so make sure that your video is of the highest caliber, as it can become the chief representation of your brand in the digital realm.

Video Marketing Tip 4

Video Everything

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Gone are the days when videos were only for large companies with huge budgets with dedicated ad agencies. Thanks to the commoditization of video technology and the sheer prevalence of tools for creating videos, every company should be a visual content creation company. It’s time to rethink how content is presented. From DIY solutions that allow you to create motion animated graphic videos to the various editing tools that allow you to edit up high-quality video content. Again, with the right mix of strategy, content, and execution you join the ranks of the companies that are producing video content in-house and engaging their audience more efficiently and meaningfully.

Video Marketing Tip 5

Optimizing Your Visual Content Experience

Similar to content optimization, you can also enhance the reach and visibility of the visual content you create by using the right keywords, adding alt text to images used online and tagging on various websites. Also, allowing embedding of video content allows others to share your video content on other websites or profiles which increase the exposure of your brand. Make sure you use catchy titles and clear description text. You can also use site maps or video tags to differentiate your videos from others. Several companies have also benefited by adding the transcription of the videos, especially when using for social media since the audio is typically turned off by default.

A visual-first approach not only works but more effectively engages your audience. The hard part is actually doing it. So why not try to implement these 5 video marketing tips to produce one video? I know you can do it. Remember to start with the why or primary purpose of the video content, keep it short and of high quality, place it in the right channels, optimize it and then consider where else you can start using video in your process.

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