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Uviaus Wins 2019 USPS Innovative B2B Campaign Award.

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UviaUs, a B2B Experiential Marketing Company that specializes in helping brands engage high value and hard to reach audiences is pleased to announce they have won a prestigious award.

The company which works with hundreds of different brands to generate powerful results won the first-ever Innovative B2B Campaign Award for their “BillingTree Locked Case Account Based Marketing Campaign”. The USPS Next Generation Campaign Awards recognize outstanding achievements for those that produce engaging and interactive mail campaigns. As well as winning the prestigious award, UviaUs was also recognized for their self-promotion campaign, “Operation PB&J”.

The BillingTree Campaign was an important and very successful campaign. BillingTree chose to engage UviaUs’ services due to their forward thinking and innovative approach, and they were right to do so, as the campaign resulted in a 700% ROI to date!

BillingTree, who is an industry leader in payment processing wanted to gain the attention of key decision makers within key accounts. They had tried other methods which did not meet their expectations and wanted to use the services of a company who would not only think outside of the box but also that would achieve their objectives with less internal resources. UviaUs met and exceeded those expectations with their campaign design and execution.

When asked to explain more about what this award means to them, Jaycen Thorgeirson, Founder & CEO  of UviaUs replied: “We’re extremely honoured to have our B2B Account-Based Marketing campaign for BillingTree recognized in this way. Our main concern is foremost effecting the success of our clients. We love seeing how were able to effect real business results time and time again. Receiving this award is like the cherry on the top of the cake. It’s a great way to celebrate the successfulness of this campaign and showcase what a winning combination can achieve.”

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UviaUs has become a leader in developing B2B outreach programs that achieve outstanding results for their clients. They continue to develop campaigns that help their clients increase their brand awareness, improve customer retention and develop new business opportunities.

Click the image below to see a full list of the 2019 USPS Next Generation Award Winners

About The USPS Awards

Next Generation Campaign Awards are evolving. This year the awards have two award categories. The awards recognize mail owners, agencies, and printers that create innovative, engaging, and effective Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B) campaigns.

About UviaUs

UviaUs is an award-winning, one-to-one experiential marketing company.

We specialize in the creative production and integration of digital technologies and content into high-quality, customized deliverables, packaging, and environmental designs that deliver remarkable one-to-one experiences.

Our strategic and collaborative approach to campaign design results in unique, highly-personalized, technology-powered deliverables for agencies and brands that need to break through and engage high-value, hard-to-reach audiences.

Read more at the USPS Next Generation Awards website.

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