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UviaUs Delivers One-To-One Experiences Through Direct Mail.

Matthew Halchak
Demand Gen Report
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UviaUs is designed to enhance engagement with high-value and hard-to-reach audiences, as well as help organizations drive impactful results at critical touchpoints. The company’s products and services leverage communication technology—both digital and tactile, such as video mailers and other digital signage—to create one-to-one experiences.


Clients can select from a range of ultra-thin, high-performance LCD screens in a variety of sizes and orientations, as well as an interactive touch screen, to incorporate into direct mailers.

UviaUs can fabricate, embed or wrap devices in specialty papers, leather, acrylic, metals and more. Additionally, the company offers a full range of print and finishing services from metallic inks and spot UV to screen-printing and laser etching.

Clients can decide how their audience interacts with their message—trigger videos automatically upon opening, at the push of a button or have multiple videos with dedicated play buttons.


The UviaUs engagement strategy is designed for high-value and hard to reach audiences, or for organizations that have a complex or difficult-to-explain product or service. Multiple industries, such as financial, healthcare, media, real estate, technology and universities, can benefit when trying to target C-level executives, marketing and sales managers and prospects through account-based marketing, demand generation, event and influencer marketing, merchandising and presentation strategies.


UviaUs does not currently integrate with other solutions. However, its product roadmap includes the creation of API integrations with Salesforce and Marketo for on-demand ordering and mailing to prospects through a company’s CRM.


UviaUs engagement strategies range from $100 to $500 per person, depending on factors such as desired medium and features, outreach and services included. A standard campaign typically starts at $10,000.


UviaUs has delivered for leading brands and agencies such as Nationwide Insurance, NBC, HP, Verizon, Sotheby’s, JLL, Yale University, Ketchum, Union & Webster, Ferrari, Porsche, C-Suite Network and Texas Children’s Hospital.


UviaUs is more than a company selling a product. The company takes a full-service, agency-style approach by collaborating with each client to understand their unique challenges and help them build an end-to-end campaign strategy to achieve their goals. With in-house graphic, industrial and video design services, UviaUs enables clients to keep up with the demands and trends in the world of integrated digital mediums. The company also offer services, including mailing and fulfillment, on-demand fulfillment, variable data processing, batch processing, NFC and analytics and more.

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