Slow Down to Go Fast and Avoid Analysis Paralysis.

Jaycen Thorgeirson
Founder & Chief Storyteller
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Marketing is driven by the desire to achieve success. But we rely on hard numbers and metrics to determine success. And each successful campaign may have a different goal. Did we acquire enough new users? Did we sell through our condo inventory? Did we get enough click throughs to the white paper?

But when we set our objectives and create our measurement programs for a campaign, we can get bogged down in metrics and the desire to optimize. Measurement is important. If you can’t measure it, did it happen? But over analyzing the possible success rate of a campaign may make you fail before you even get started. Why? Because you’re wasting time with analysis paralysis. You can discuss a content piece or feature that might generate success. But it won’t have any traction if it doesn’t publish.

  • Content programs need content in order to be successful. If you’re not publishing a steady stream of content, building an audience is next to impossible, regardless of how SEO-friendly, sharable and “engaging” your content is. Your audience can’t find, read and share what doesn’t exist.
  • Apply the SMART goals framework. Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound. This gets back to that pesky measuring problem. If you can’t define success, you can never reach it.
  • The achievable component of the SMART framework is one that can suffer the most from analysis paralysis. We at UviaUs desire to test or make incremental changes can undermine the potential for success. Sometimes just hitting the publish button is the best content strategy.
  • Analysis paralysis can have an impact in your sales process as well. Our desire to utilize a robust account-based marketing program to drive targeted outreach and contacts means that we spend a significant amount of time researching and building profiles for our prospects. Don’t get lost in the weeds. Limit your profiling to find your perfect client.

The ability to concisely and clearly articulate the value and potential impact of your service or product is the best sales tool you can have. What’s so great about your company or product that you can share in ten seconds or less? Is it defined, relatable and concise?

Paralysis Be Gone

Analysis paralysis is easily remedied. Gaining the ability to take a risk with content or simply picking up the phone and having a conversation can get your team up and running instead of revising, revising, revising. Don’t forget that empowering your team is a crucial component to overcoming the overthinking that comes with the desire to be successful. Trust their intuition, experiences and ability to succeed in their roles.

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