Remarkable Brand Experiences Are Not Optional.

Jaycen Thorgeirson
Founder & Chief Storyteller
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have attached myself to the concept of delivering remarkable for some time now. And over the past few years at UviaUs, we have committed ourselves to deliver remarkable experiences for our clients, our partners and the people they want to reach. It’s in everything we do. It pushes us to go further than we’d normally go. We’ve even adopted it as our brand promise and registered the trademark, Deliver Remarkable.

What is remarkable?

I recently sat down to explain myself a bit. Later, I’ll be sharing my thoughts and observations in a video series, breaking down how you can deliver remarkable, from the research to measuring the impact of what you have created.

But I wanted to start with simply sharing my definition of what remarkable is and how you know that you have created something that fits that definition.

Simply put, remarkable means that it is worth talking about to others. Webster’s Dictionary, defines remarkable as something that is notable or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary: a remarkable change. worthy of notice or attention.

Good or bad, remarkable is something that is different from the norm, to the point that it raises our senses (worthy of attention) and compels us to share with others.

For marketers, delivering remarkable means doing something disruptive. Asking questions as developing experiences will get you on the right track. What makes this email stand out as different? How about this post? This copy? This website? This packaging? Is it different enough that my audience will say, “Wow this is cool! I’d love to share it with my friends,” or is it lackluster? It’s not about quantity but rather the quality of the experience that we deliver.

Why are remarkable brand experiences not optional?

Attention is an increasingly scarce commodity. With the overwhelming amount of content, advertising, channels and information in general that we’re exposed to on a daily basis, it’s no wonder we tune so much of it out.

Nielsen’s Millennials on Millennials Report labels the millennial generation as a distracted audience in terms of their viewing behavior. The report found that less than 2% of millennials watching TV changed the channel during commercials.

I mean, think about it. When’s the last time you really watched a commercial? I mean really watched? We just turn to our phones when ads are delivered. Or how about as you’re reading your favorite website and they serve up some display advertising? Or when listening to Pandora and you hear an ad?

In the case of Pandora, how many just turn down the volume and tune out mentally? Why? Because what is being served up is not remarkable. We’ve seen it or heard it before. Even if we haven’t, the way it’s served up is not remarkable. It’s too easy today for us to tune out what we know is the norm.

Given this challenge, it’s up to brands today to step outside the box and look at how they can deliver something that is different. It’s an amazing opportunity to rise above the noise and connect on a deeper level with your intended audience. Yes, it takes time. Yes, it takes more effort. But, the effect of delivering a remarkable experience, is well worth it.

How can you integrate this approach in your business? What are some examples of remarkable brand experiences?

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