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One Inc. Wins 2021 Killer Content Award for 200X ROI ABM Campaign Through B2B Marketing Agency UviaUs

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One of only twenty-eight brands selected for high-profile B2B marketing award.

For the last ten years, Demand Gen Report has annually awarded twenty-eight brands a Killer Content Award, celebrating innovative marketing. For 2021, they focused on brands who mastered the uncertainty of 2020, companies who “smashed their goals and reached the top of their industry scoreboards.” (Demand Gen Report)

One Inc. won the B2B Account-Based Marketing Campaign category, which celebrates personalized B2B campaigns directed at hard-to-reach decision makers. One Inc. offers a single platform to process digital payments for insurance premiums and claims. Because of the specificity of their offering, they have to reach C-suite level executives at the top of insurance companies.

One Inc. worked with B2B marketing firm UviaUs to develop the creative strategy and implement their winning campaign. It combined storytelling through video and personalized gift-giving by sending a high impact wooden box with the target company’s name laser-engraved on the exterior.

The high-quality nature of the box meant it bypassed gatekeepers and landed directly on C-suite executives’ desks. When they opened the box, they found a personalized gift and an autoplay video introduction from the CEO of One Inc. 

According to UviaUs, “Each video is tailored to each account and recipient, addressing [the executive] by name with his organization’s specific pain points.” (UviaUs) At the end of the video, One Inc.’s CEO points out the note card inside the box, which provides a QR code to directly book a meeting.

Out of 200 accounts, 11 new opportunities were added to One Inc.’s pipeline, generating 200X ROI. The Killer Content Awards praised the personalized nature of the campaign, saying, “In the world of personalized outreach, there’s no such thing as too much — in fact, the more personalized you can make a campaign, the better.” (Demand Gen Report)

The Killer Content Awards, or “Finnys,” spotlights brands who bring their marketing to new levels, reimagining what content can do. The 2021 awards had a particular focus on adapting to the challenges of 2020, celebrating the “compelling and innovative campaigns” created “despite all the chaos.” (B2B Marketing Exchange)

According to the Senior Content Strategist of Demand Gen Report, the creators of KCA, “As far as the judging process goes, this year was perhaps the most difficult year to date… We’re living in an age of digital deluge, but these brands truly stood out from the pack.” (Demand Gen Report)

Out of one-hundred and fifty nominations, only twenty-eight companies were awarded a Finny, with only two winners in the Account-Based Marketing Campaign category. Other winners of this year’s Finnys included high-profile brands like HP, ShopifyPlus, and GettyImages.

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