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National Forest Foundation and B2B Marketing Agency UviaUs Announce Partnership

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UviaUs commits to mitigating their environmental consequences.

UviaUs, a B2B marketing agency specializing in account based marketing for Growth and Enterprise brands, has partnered with the National Forest Foundation (NFF) in order to mitigate the impact of their operations, including manufacturing and shipping on behalf of clients. Concerned about their carbon output and e-waste, UviaUs decided to minimize their carbon footprint for each client-based engagement. 

By working with the NFF, UviaUs plans to offset their waste and carbon production by helping to preserve our nation’s natural treasures, as well as promoting awareness for our national forests and the environmental consequences of e-waste.

The National Forest Foundation (NFF) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization chartered by Congress to bring people together to restore and enhance the US’s national forests and grasslands. 

Working directly with the US Forest Service, NFF engages Americans in community-based and national programs that promote the health and public enjoyment of the 193-million-acre National Forest System, and administers private gifts of funds and land for the benefit of the National Forests. 

As part of their partnership, for every deliverable that UviaUs manufactures or ships, a donation is made to help protect and restore national forests and grasslands, with the ultimate goal of ensuring a sustainable future for both humanity and wildlife. This partnership allows UviaUs to join forces with dozens of communities, hundreds of local organizations, and thousands of individuals working to conserve and restore US national forests and grasslands.

UviaUs is also encouraging their clients to join them in these environmental efforts. In addition to tracking the environmental impact of every project and making donations, UviaUs also organizes an e-waste recycling program. 

With this partnership, UviaUs joins a global team of corporate partners that includes brands like HP, Walt Disney, and T-Mobile for Business. Together with the NFF, UviaUs hopes “to help ensure a sustainable future for us all - complete with fresh air and clean water, outdoor recreation experiences, diverse wildlife, and wild places to roam.”

About UviaUs

UviaUs is a group of passionate storytellers that help move decision makers to act. They are committed to the values of integrity, innovation, dedication, empathy, and authenticity. Over the past decade, they’ve worked with over 800 B2B and Enterprise brands, and creative agencies to deliver over 250,000 unique experiences. They’ve built hundreds of ABM campaigns from the ground up, and won many national awards in the process. They believe in telling remarkable stories, allowing their clients to shine and get results.

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