How to Deliver a Remarkable Impression to Your Perfect Prospects Part Two - Make it Relevant

Jaycen Thorgeirson
Founder & Chief Storyteller
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Why did you click on this article? What made you decide to read it?

I'd like to imagine it's my charming prose, but we both know that's not it. You clicked on this article because it's relevant to you. You want to deliver remarkable first impressions to your perfect prospects. This article series tells you how to do it.

Here's the secret: everybody else is doing the same thing as you. We sift through the deluge of internet info every day, focusing only on what's most relevant to us.

Well, mostly and cat videos. But if you're not an adorable cat, you'll have to be relevant to get attention.

Last week, we talked about how personalization can take something average and make it remarkable. Now, let's talk about making your communication as relevant to your prospects as possible, solving their needs upfront, so they come back to you for more.

Make your communication relevant to your audience

As humans, we have a limited amount of energy to spend. We have to prioritize our time and effort. This means that, for the most part, we only spend time on what's relevant to our needs.

The rules haven't changed much since the beginning of humanity. The big question is: will this feed me or make me look good? We're constantly problem solving, trying to better care for ourselves and others, become more likable, or both.

If you want other human beings to pay attention to you, you need to be relevant to their needs.

Here's a spoiler, we're not robots. So, people sometimes do things that aren't relevant to their problems. But if you're a stranger, there's no reason for your prospect to pay you any attention unless you answer a question or solve a problem they are currently facing.

After all, how else can you differentiate yourself from the thousands of other sensory signals fighting for your prospect's attention daily?

How to deliver more relevant messaging

Focus on this simple process: find your prospect's biggest problem, then offer a solution.

Finding the problem might be easier said than done. Many companies go off of intuition alone. However, this can be a dangerous choice since often our own biases or our closeness to our product can blind us to a customer's actual needs.

We use tech tools to leverage intent data to get around potentially biased intuition and get our target audience's needs. Thanks to demographics, ai-based personality insights, intent data, and behavior stats, it's now easier than ever to see what is most meaningful to your target audience.

Here are a few examples of relevant marketing leveraging data:

  • Offering mortgage refinancing to homeowners (demographic) who recently searched "mortgage interest rates" (search results)
  • Giving coupons for baby food to adults (demographic) who recently purchased prenatal vitamins (purchase behavior)
  • Using industry keywords in an article directed at B2B marketers (demographic) who searched "How to Deliver a Remarkable Impression"... or something similar (search results)

Using this data, you can deliver timely offers using stories that ensure relevance.

It's the touchy-feely human stuff, backed by rigorous data. That's our favorite thing. Powering stories leveraging personal data insights that make it highly relevant to each person we strive to outreach to on behalf of our clients.

Want help making your offers relevant?

At UviaUs, we know the value of relevant, perfectly timed communication.

Whether it's crafting a direct marketing outreach that addresses the needs of your ideal prospects or designing a call-to-action that fits perfectly to solicit the best response, it's all about delivering relevance.

This kind of relevance leads to a remarkable impression.

Sound relevant to your needs? Good.

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