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How Mixed Reality is Poised to "Mix it Up" for PR.

Jaycen Thorgierson
Founder & Cheif Storyteller - UviaUs
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Mixed Reality Marketing – The Next Frontier

How is Mixed Reality Marketing going to change the way we communicate? Hey, Siri, technology continues to change, right Alexa? OK, Google, it seems we’ve come to expect it even.

The way we communicate is a significant part of the overall change that technology is driving. From the way we interact with our computing hardware to the way we interact with each other, communications is a focal point of the current technological revolution. The next phase of that change is the concept of Mixed Reality—the blending of immersive experiences such as virtual reality or 360-degree video with physical experiences in the home, at a hotel or buying a car.

And its impact is soon coming to how we can tell our stories.

If you don’t believe me, Google it and you’ll see the tremendous projected growth and investment from the biggest tech companies in the world (Apple, Google, Facebook), high adoption rates, engagement statistics, etc. By merging real and virtual worlds to create a place where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time, mixed reality is poised to stay.

Yet, I’m not here to convince you if you’re not already convinced, but rather give insights on how you can best leverage it to rise above the noise and engage on a deeper level with your targeted audience if you’re ready to mix it up.

Here’s how to kick start a mixed reality marketing program:

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