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Debut Of First Branded All-In-One VR/AR/360 Player At South By Southwest®

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UviaUs is celebrating its inaugural appearance at SXSW with the release of the world's first all-in-one sendable VR/AR/360 player for marketers and brands.

SEATTLE, Feb. 28, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- UviaUs has announced they will be debuting their newest product at SXSW. The first of its kind, URTM is a sendable and brandable VR/AR/360 player that is ready to engage on demand.

Showcasing their talent to create unique solutions for sales and marketing teams, UviaUs created this device to feature the sender's brand and to leverage built-in technology that allows the user to immediately engage with the experience without any additional hardware, software or setup. Marketers can choose to run existing Android apps and content or have custom content developed to run on the platform.

With the tremendous power to influence buyer behavior and the increase of virtual reality as a standard practice, URTM is on the forefront of this technology to connect and engage high-value audiences.

To learn more, visit UviaUs at the SXSW Trade Show, Booth 841 or contact Helene Korzeniewski to schedule an interview.


UviaUs is an award-winning visual marketing and technology company that delivers remarkable engagements for high-value audiences. Their products and services leverage communication technology—both digital and tactile—to create genuine one-to-one experiences. This cutting-edge approach combined with tailored strategies help organizations drive impactful results at their most critical touch points, ensuring brands are seen, heard and remembered. To learn more about how UviaUs can impact your future growth, visit

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