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Creating an Interactive Narrative to Help Fujitsu Reach Top Executives at Major Retailers

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Utilizing a multi-sensory experience to reinforce the value of their self-checkout kiosk technology.

Fujitsu might not have the name recognition of other large tech conglomerates, but you probably use their products every day. Fujitsu is a major manufacturer of enterprise-level products ranging from server mainframes to air conditioners.

One of the products their North America branch is especially proud of is their next-generation self-checkout kiosks. Designed to eliminate the common with the current generation of devices, these kiosks represent a significant leap forward for the technology. However, they also come with a substantial price tag.

Fujitsu North America's challenge was convincing executives who had already invested in inferior self-checkout tech to switch. Just getting their proposal in front of the right people proved to be a challenge. So they partnered with UviaUs.

After meeting with the Fujitsu team, we knew we needed to create something engaging and interactive that would elevate Fujitsu in the minds of their target audience. Our goal was to take these high-level executives and bring them down to the level of their customers and boots-on-the-ground employees so that they could experience the difference Fujitsu's self-checkout technology could make to their front-of-house.

Key contacts within the targeted organization received a co-branded, interactive mailer, personalized to their organization, designed to mimic the stress-free Fujitsu self-checkout experience utilizing a choose-your-own-adventure style narrative structure.

Opening the box revealed a stylized self-checkout kiosk, complete with a 7" video display and a number of miniatures (in the case of the Lowes box, a tiny box of screws, a miniature credit card, and a faux receipt with the Fujitsu reps contact information). Each of these items contained a magnetic switch. Moving these items around the box triggers unique video messages corresponding to the action.

The campaign was recognized by the American Advertising Federation, winning a Silver Addy Award.

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