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CONEX Podcast: Why Emotion Is Key in Experiential Marketing

Randy Frisch
CMO and Co-Founder of Uberflip

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The Content Experience Show is a podcast dedicated to learning from senior marketing executives including the career journey they’ve taken and the buyer journey they set their customers on. Each week we speak to a senior marketer and learn whether it was luck, hustle or a combo of the two that propelled them to their latest post. We then discover how they engage their current and future customers on a path that is similarly planned but adaptive. The Marketer’s Journey features amazing conversations with marketing leaders who share how to attract and convert leads with personalization for the entire buyer journey. Each episode will cover topics like digital marketing, demand generation, account-based marketing, sales enablement, content marketing, inbound marketing, martech, leveraging technology, and content experience.

Episode Summary:

In today’s crowded marketplace, no matter what your business offers, there’s a good chance that someone else sells a very similar product or service. What really sets a business apart is the emotional connection that they form with their customers.

Many businesses foster that connection with their customers by sending gifts. It’s a good way to capture their attention and remind them that you’ll go above and beyond to cater to them personally. According to this week’s guest on the Conex Show, if you’re going out of your way to send a gift, you should seize that opportunity to turn a nice gesture into a truly unique experience.

Jaycen Thorgeirson, Founder and CEO of UviaUs, joins the Content Experience Show to discuss building emotional connections through experiential marketing.

How to Define “Experiential Marketing”

When people hear experiential marketing, they often think about on-site activations and event-based marketing. But Thorgeirson and his team at UviaUs consider it to be more of a one-to-one experience. By his definition of experiential marketing, it’s really more about understanding who your target audience is, what they’re passionate about, and creating experiences to engage them.

“We’ve heard the terms ‘human-based marketing,’ ‘personalized-based marketing,’ but really what we’re saying is ‘developing emotional connections.’” — @JaycenThor

Why Moods Are Contagious

In the episode, Thorgeirson explains what mood contagion is, and how it’s a neurological response to another individual. If you smile, it makes the person you’re talking to want to smile. This is something he thinks about when it comes to how his team delivers content, especially in terms of video content.

“In our nonverbal cues, we can influence another person.”

What People Really Connect With When It Comes to Video

Effective video content doesn’t require high production value. What matters is that you think of your audience and create something fun that gets them engaged.  

“People connect with emotion rather than production quality.”

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