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6 Seattle Tech Marketers Reveal Their Recepies for Success.

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“Successful marketing is about as mysterious as magic. There are so many different ingredients going into the cauldron that, at the end of it all, it’s often impossible to decipher which ones actually worked and which ones didn’t.

Of course, this ambiguity sets up a perfect business opportunity for those who have achieved some form of mastery over this darkest of arts. We asked Seattle marketers to reveal a little of the secret sauce that makes their particular approaches work.

What they’re up to: UviaUs is an experiential marketing company specializing in fusing storytelling with multi-sensory digital technology. The company offers conceptual, graphic and industrial design services, video production and fulfillment solutions. Founded in 2012, UviaUs specializes in delivering handheld video marketing campaigns, literally putting a video in a viewer’s hands.

Secret sauce: “We blend digital storytelling within tactile, physical experiences that break through barriers and remove the friction from engaging with content,” Founder and CEO Jaycen Thorgeirson said. “For marketing ourselves and on behalf of clients, we do this primarily through our sendable video technology, called Uvideo. Our engagement strategy is designed for high-value and hard-to-reach audiences, or for organizations that have a complex or difficult-to-explain product or service.”

Notable clients: Verizon, Sotheby’s, Ferrari, Gillette, Microsoft — and hundreds more.”

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