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Better Than Coffee: 14 Podcasts That Will Inspire Your Mornings

Scott Gerber Contributor
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Even these 14 successful entrepreneurs from YEC need help to stay motivated day after day.

To recharge their innovative spark, they turn to these podcasts about business and life.

Coming from prestigious publications and the leading minds in business, these podcasts discuss everything from current events to business strategies and stories about testing your limits. Some have even inspired the entrepreneurs below to start their own series.

1. Masters in Business

One of my favorite business podcasts is Barry Ritholtz’s Masters in Business on Bloomberg. It’s somewhat industry specific, but his roster of guests is outstanding. Every week, he sits down with one of the titans of the financial industry and has a thoughtful, entertaining, "Marc Maron WTF"-style discussion about how they got to where they are and what influenced them along the way. – Dusty Wunderlich, Bristlecone Holdings

2. The Rich Roll Podcast

The only way to get better is to experience pain, get uncomfortable, and to go to places you don't want to go and improve. In The Rich Roll Podcast, bestselling author and ultra-endurance athlete, Rich Roll, discusses all things wellness with some of the brightest and most forward-thinking minds. This podcast is beneficial for anyone seeking self-empowerment to become your best, most authentic self. – Anthony Pezzotti,

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3.’s Ready For Anything Podcast

I was recently on’s Ready For Anything Podcast hosted by Linda Lacina, and it was awesome. It has engaging discussions with great guests, and it also gave me ideas for my own company's podcast, Content Sutra. – Shane Snow, Contently

4. Past Present

The Past Present podcast features current events discussed by historians. It's a unique way to keep up with hot cultural topics, but also challenges your thinking with sharp intellectual discourse. Plus, it's loaded with history tidbits -- great for cocktail conversation! Past Present invigorates my thinking, stimulates my creativity, and gives me great conversation starters for the next networking event! – Erica Easley, Gumball Poodle

5. All Business With Jeffrey Hayzlett

The insight and "no holds barred" approach you get with Jeffrey Hayzlett's All Business podcast is unparalleled. He interviews some of the top minds in business. It's real talk with real business leaders. In addition, by featuring a range of disciplines, you get to tap into a vast array of experience executed in different industries, which rounds out your own knowledge base. – Jaycen Thorgeirson, UviaUs

6. 500 Startup Founders

Two words about this podcast: concise and relevant. It aims mainly at those of us who interested in scaling our businesses in a slow and sustainable manner. What makes this podcast different is that each stream has a run-time of 20+ minutes. When you're commuting somewhere, you're barely on the move for longer than 30 minutes, so I like that the podcasts are in bite size chunks. – Cody McLain, SupportNinja

7. Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

I like Stanford’s Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders podcast. They bring in divergent thinkers in business (and outside of business) who provide interesting perspectives about their unique path to success. I love hearing insights from a variety of accomplished people, and Stanford really does a great job at curating the best people with the best thinking. – Douglas Baldasare, ChargeItSpot

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8. Mixergy

Mixergy is my sugar candy for encouragement as an entrepreneur. Andrew Warner's take listeners through his guests' journey while sharing business strategies along the way. I've discovered many things that have helped me to grow my business. After I was a guest on his show, I was inspired to start my own daily podcast, "Facebook Sales Strategies," and we are now on episode 180+.– Kim Walsh-Phillips, Elite Digital Group

9. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield's podcast, Online Marketing Made Easy, is bursting with value and actionable advice. Each episode is a full training session with resources and often a download. It's a must-listen for entrepreneurs, especially those with online businesses. – Natalie MacNeil, She Takes on the World

10. Roderick on the Line

While Roderick on the Line isn't directly business-related, it can teach you a lot about growing as a person. Each episode is mostly comprised of roaming anecdotes about life, drug addiction, alcoholism and more. Ultimately, it's about being a functional, respectful, and thoughtful adult. Being a better business owner will be a by-product of being a better human. This will (weirdly) help. – Matt Alexander, Need

11. The Foundr Magazine Podcast

The Foundr Magazine Podcast is my go-to podcast for business inspiration. It includes insights from some of the most successful and hard-to-reach entrepreneurs today. Nathan Chan, its Editor-in-Chief and publisher, offers ideas for how business owners can build sustainable, personable companies. Did I mention that it's free? – Clayton Dean, Circa Interactive

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12. Business, Life, and Coffee

I regularly enjoy Business, Life, and Coffee with Joey Price. That podcast takes an open discussion approach to unique perspectives on building and managing businesses by hearing it first hand from successful entrepreneurs. It allows the focus to shift to the strength of the entrepreneur being interviewed, and you really get value from that individual. – Michael Spinosa, Unleashed Technologies

13. This Is Your Life

All business owners are leaders, and I feel that most of us don't seek enough leadership development. I started listening to Michael Hyatt's "This Is Your Life" podcast several months ago. So many of his thoughts on leadership are incredibly relevant to small business leaders such as myself. Give him a listen, and let me know what you think. – Dan Golden, Be Found Online

14. Entrepreneur on Fire

Entrepreneur on Fire is a great podcast for entrepreneurs and business owners. It interviews successful business owners and asks them very direct questions about personal and business growth. It's great to hear the growth experiences firsthand. – Brandon Stapper, 858 Graphics

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