6 Simple Ways to Generate Word-of-Mouth Buzz - #5 Deliver Remarkable

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This blog series is all about how you can use 6 simple ingredients to take your marketing strategies from boring to remarkable. 

In our last article, we talked about how comedy can bring millions of people together to enjoy your brand’s message.

Now, let’s learn the most important ingredient: the Remarkable.

Use the Remarkable to Generate Buzz

This is our favorite ingredient. It’s so powerful, we make it our brand’s biggest promise: Deliver Remarkable.

But what exactly is “remarkable”? In its most literal and important sense, something that is remarkable encourages people to talk about it… You only get word-of-mouth if there’s something that people want to “remark” about.

There are a few ways to be remarkable… one is to provide a product that’s so high-quality, people can’t help but mention it. Especially online, where crummy products tend to dominate, going the extra mile to create stunning graphics or truly helpful guides can generate word-of-mouth. 

The other is to do something truly unique. Without tapping into taboo or making anybody angry by being outrageous, you can make such a wonderful and moving experience for your B2B marketing prospects that they can’t help but talk about it. 

Flaming Hot Buzz

Frito-Lay has long been the purveyor of some of the world’s favorite snack foods, but their space has historically been in the grocery store’s chip aisle. 

Lately, they’ve been trying to branch out of this niche with a variety of new products, including Mac N’ Cheetos. They came to our UviaUs team with a very unique problem. Their marketing strategy needed word-of-mouth buzz spurred by foodie influencers and top food bloggers.

As you can imagine, getting people who normally review Michelin star restaurants to review frozen macaroni was a challenge… especially when we added the goal of only generating buzz organically, rather than incentivizing influencers to shill the product.

We needed to overwhelm any biases the recipients may have toward frozen food, so we built the mother of all buzz generation press kits. Each kit included a fully branded toaster oven, two packages of Mac N’ Cheetos packed in dry ice, a branded cooler bag, and a dedicated video player.

To add an additional layer of interactivity and nostalgia, our team created a 16-bit style animated video based on the 1992 SNES game Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool. The video included cooking instructions and an animated timer.

Image of Timer Animation for Mac n' Cheetos

The results of this remarkable gift? 8,000 social shares, and over 1,300,000 consumers reached, all through unpaid influencer buzz.

Read the full Mac N’ Cheetos story here.

How can you use “remarkable” for your marketing?

Start with quality from top-to-bottom. Make sure everything, from your website to your sales team, is speedy and easy to use. Often, technology can be so challenging, that simply being user-friendly is enough to be remarkable.

The second part of being remarkable is often more challenging, but like any other marketing, it requires a deep understanding of your prospects. What do they really want? What are their goals, desires, and dreams?

Then, you bring those dreams straight to them. 

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