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A Message from our Founder & Chief Storyteller

Hi, I’m Jaycen, Founder & Chief Storyteller/Executive Officer at UviaUs.

For over a decade, I’ve had the pleasure of leading my team in delivering remarkable experiences for our clients. Our passion— to deliver a deeply felt experience that translates into business success— fuels us every day.

We’ve learned that remarkable brand experiences are not optional. They are what makes great marketing and ultimately, they lead to the best results. We’ve also learned that the journey always starts with a story. The fastest path to the brain is through emotions. What’s the fastest way to influence emotions? A great story.

Whether you’re a brand or agency, if you care about the emotional impact of your company, let’s talk.

We’re poised to help you leap over the barriers between your company and the remarkable experiences that your audience is waiting for.

All the best,

Get to know our team

Jaycen Thorgeirson

Founder & Chief Storyteller

Jaycen’s diverse background has exposed him to a wide array of technologies, roles, and industries that have honed his skills into a thought leader, creative strategist, and business leader.

As a bootstrap entrepreneur, he’s successfully grown multiple businesses. He’s also become a trusted source for various Fortune 1000 marketing leaders to effectively captivate attention and build trust with some of the hardest to reach audiences.

Outside of the office, he enjoys volunteering in his Island community and spending time with his wife and two children, often sailing on the beautiful waters of the Pacific Northwest.

Albert Raney

Chief Operations Officer

Albert has an extensive operations background spanning nearly 25 years and a proven track record of successfully implementing new strategies, policies and procedures that consistently yield positive results and secure customer loyalty. He has in-depth expertise in the financial services industry and has a deep understanding of the balanced needs of speed and quality.

He believes in people first and champions strong communication in order to understand the needs and challenges of both clients and employees. He’s dedicated to building strong partnerships with proven results.

Albert is a long distance runner, enjoying taking on not only the physical, but the mental challenge of marathon running. He is also a Type 1 Diabetic and loves to help educate and mitigate the many misconceptions associated with this disease.

Garret Krynski

Chief Creative Officer

Garret has been developing and improving brands as a creative for the better part of two decades. From tech startups to multinational organizations, the financial sector to television, his enthusiasm for simplifying and amplifying brands has translated to increased engagement, traction, and conversion.

As a creative leader, Garret has had the privilege of leading teams of creatives and development talent in advertising, marketing, and digital product development. As an entrepreneur in his own right, Garret has successfully founded and run several businesses.

Garret is a conversationalist. He’s easy to chat with and loves to spin a good tale. Away from his desk, he loves to golf and build Lego with his kids.

Kristi Sellinger

Chief Financial Officer

Kristi is a go-getter with an eye for detail. She has been involved in tracking cash flow and managing financial planning for more than a decade.

In a company with visionary’s, she has demonstrated her ability to help make decisions and problem-solve to ensure financial strength and inspire team members to achieve desired results.

When she isn't working, you can find her spending time with family or exploring the wonderful outdoors that make up this beautiful PNW region.

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